Sarah DeGrim

In 2016, after establishing a career in Private Wealth Management and Tech Sales I decided to take some time away from the corporate world to have our first son. Turns out, I didn’t miss the corporate world and maybe life wasn’t quite hectic enough so me and my husband Frank quickly decided to make things more interesting by adding another little dude to the crew.

Alongside all the surprises of being new parents I realized that these tiny people required a lot of stuff. Not only did doubling the size of our family make our NYC apartment seem full but life’s little tasks became more challenging and time more precious. 

While I have been organizing my whole life, it wasn’t until these past few years that I realized how important it is to part with the things that you don’t need and establish organizational systems that maximize space, systems that are easy to maintain, giving you more time and ultimately a higher quality of life. 

It doesn’t matter if you are single or have a large family; I believe everyone deserves and benefits from an organized home. Every client I work with has different needs depending on their space and lifestyle, which I fully take into account along with their personal style. 

I truly love organizing and it gives me so much joy to see the excitement of my clients once we’ve transformed their homes and hearing how big of a difference it makes in their lives.

Now, you’ve met me…. I look forward to meeting you!