We understand that everyone's needs are different and Stylish Spaces is here to help. We truly enjoy getting to know our clients through the process and figuring out how we can make the most significant impact.

Most of the time our projects fall into one of the three following categories but we are happy to discuss any potential projects. 

Residential Organizing

We help clients organize everything from single rooms to whole homes.  Often people hire us because they need help but either don't have the time or the ability to take on the project of organizing their space effectively.  We can assist in getting rid of belongings our clients no longer want or need and create systems to organize a home in ways that function best for their needs. 

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While we create systems that are easy for our clients to maintain, some clients like to have a refresh once in awhile and/ or require some maintenance when there is a change in needs. This can include everything from a simple tidying, to swapping clothes with the changing seasons, to creating a home office or preparing for a new baby. 

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Relocation Assistance

Moving is hard but we are here to help. Some clients have us help donate or sell items before moving so we don't end up making moving harder than it needs to be.  Once we know what is coming to the new home, we can pack with intention, allowing us to also unpack efficently.